Alexander Everest Explains Life After Medical School

Alexander Everest Explains Life After Medical School


All doctors in the United States undertake residencies after they graduate from medical school. Medical residency is the training period you need to undergo before you can practice on your own as a medical doctor. Residents can act as medical doctors with supervision. They can treat patients as they see fit, though they sometimes need approval from their residency supervisors.


A fellowship happens after a residency takes place. Within a medical fellowship position, a doctor can receive training in their chosen medical specialty. Obstetrics and gynecology, general surgery, and cardiology are just a few examples of the many types of fellowship that a doctor can partake.


Some fellowships may be centered on research rather than on clinical care. A clinical research fellowship is also scheduled to take one to three years. Research fellowships are prestigious positions, and they often lead to a doctor receiving an M.D./Ph.D. degree.

What to Expect

Doctors should be aware that residencies and fellowships are generally paid on a relatively low stipend. They will not be able to make any significant headway on their medical student loans while they are engaging in advanced medical training of this type. Fortunately, many fellowships count as education, meaning that student loans do not come due during this period of time.

Applying for Residencies

Since nearly every doctor in the United States serves a residency, the process of getting matched with a hospital is grueling and competitive. Doctors apply to multiple residency programs, and if selected, are interviewed about their expectations for the program and their personal skills and talents. Finally, every March, “Match day” comes, and young doctors are given their interview results.

Understanding the Residency and Fellowship



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Alexander Everest

Alexander Everest

Dr. Alexander Everest has over 20 years of experience in key positions in the healthcare industry.